Friday, 9 March 2018

Top 8 World's Best Places for Wild Swimming - Lonely Planet

It's hard to beat the feeling of a dunk in a crystal clear glacial lake, or an icy cold mountain river. The world is brimming with great places to take a natural dip, which makes choosing favorites a great challenge! Thanks to the travel experts at Lonely Planet, there is now a book called The Best Things in Life are Free, listing many great places to swim along with endless other free things to do. 

Flowers on fjords, Norway. Photo by Simon Raven
Top 8 World's Best Places for Wild Swimming

1. Lake Bohinj: Slovenia - Lonely Planet (PDF)

2. Baggy Point: England - Lonely Planet (PDF)

3. Upper Letten river pool, River Limmat: Switzerland - Lonely Planet (PDF)

4. Purcaraccia Canyon: Corsica - Lonely Planet (PDF)

5. Lake Walchen: Germany - Lonely Planet (PDF)

6. Lac D’Annecy: France - Lonely Planet (PDF)

7. Lago di Fiastra: Italy - Lonely Planet (PDF)

8. Loch Lomond: Scotland - Lonely Planet (PDF)

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