Saturday, 13 April 2019

REVIEW: Experience France by Lonely Planet

Inspiration, insight and ideas for lovers of champagne, chateaux and Joie de Vivre.

Inside Lonely Planet’s Experience France you’ll travel through vibrant cities, rural villages, majestic mountains and swanky chateaux, discovering the secrets to French style, embarking on your own study of wines and cheeses and immersing yourself in history, art and all things la belle France.

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70 reasons to love France! From the iconic to the unexpected, there are always new experiences to discover. Drive through Auvergne's volcanic landscapes. Indulge in Paris' best pastries. Scroll through a century of French cinema. This collection unveils new aspects of the France you know and showcase the France you're yet to encounter.

Curator: Alexis Averbuck

Writers: Andrew Bain, Sarah Baxter, Sarah Bennett, Oliver Berry, Joe Bindloss, Paul Bloomfeild, Paul Bloomfield, Kerry Christiani, Gregor Clark, Janine Eberle, Helen Elfer, David Else, Damian Harper, Anita Isalska, Catherine Le Nevez, Andy Murdock, Sarah Reid, Daniel Robinson, Kalya Ryan, Nicola Williams

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