Saturday, 16 September 2017

Iceland travel guide - Understand Iceland & Survival Guide PDF Chapter

Download the eBook version of Lonely Planet's Understand Iceland & Survival Guide PDF chapter from the Iceland travel guide

Iceland travel guide  - Understand Iceland & Survival Guide PDF Chapter

All the info you need on everything from history, Sigur Rós, volcanoes and Norse gods to flights, public transport, climate, money, the internet... you name it. Get hints on the gay and lesbian scene and tips for women travellers, travelling with kids and travellers with disabilities, as well as handy language guide and glossary.

Coverage includes: Iceland Today, History - from Early Travellers & Irish Monks to the Financial Crash & Beyond, Natural Wonders, Icelandic Culture: Literature, Music, Cinema, Painting & Sculpture, Architecture & Design, Icelandic Attitudes, Icelandic Cuisine: Sta-ples & Specialities, Drinks, Where to Eat & Drink, Vegetarians & Vegans, Directory A–Z, Transport, and Language.

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