Thursday, 19 January 2017

Road Trip USA - experience the freedom of the highway!

Montana, USA. Photo by Chris Raven.
There are endless scenic roads to drive in the United States of America that cross deserts, mountains and traverse dramatic coastline. North America is the location of hundreds of national park each with their own unique character and dozens of iconic cities that you've seen so often in Hollywood movie's that you will feel like you belong there. This is your chance to roam, be free to explore...go on a road trip USA this summer!

1. California's Best Trips - Northern California Trips (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet

This is California’s most diverse region. From exploring the rugged beaches of the Lost Coast to poking around the redwoods, there’s no shortage of natural places to explore and scenic roads to drive. Then there’s the food and wine…

2. USA's Best Trips - Florida & the South (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet

This is the Florida & the South Trips chapter from Lonely Planet's USA’s Best Trips guidebook.

3. The Pacific Northwest's Best Trips - Plan Your Trip & Pacific Northwest Driving Guide (PDF Chapter)

Start your planning here. We reveal the ultimate road-trip list for the Pacific Northwest PLUS the highlights you’ll discover on the way and practical advice to kick-start your trip.

4. New York & the Mid-Atlantic's Best Trips - Virginia Trips (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet

This is the Virginia Trips chapter from Lonely Planet's New York & the Mid-Atlantic’s Best Trips guidebook.

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Living the Linger
by Chris Raven & Simon Raven

The sudden break-up with Emily Willow finds Simon Raven, ex-amateur rock god and bored internet producer, on a Boeing 747 bound for Seattle. Led by his twin brother, Chris, who is more than happy to exchange a career in fashion  photography for the open road, they embark on a buttock-clenching journey of paranoia and self-doubt, as they traverse Interstate 15 across backcountry America.