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Peru - Northern Highlands (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet

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Peru - Northern Highlands

Vast tracts of unexplored jungle and mist-shrouded ­mountain ranges guard the secrets of the northern highlands like a suspicious custodian. Here, Andean peaks and a blanket of luxuriant forests stretch from the coast all the way to the deepest Amazonian jungles.

- scramble through Kuélap, an immense stone citadel high in the cloud forest

- get within a hairbreadth of the jungle at Tarapoto without leaving the comfort of the paved highway

- take a high-adrenaline dip under 771m of falling water at the beautiful Catarata de Gocta

Coverage includes: Cajamarca & around, Cajabamba, Celendín, Chachapoyas & around, Kuélap, Leimebamba, Pedro Ruíz, Moyobamba and Tarapoto.

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