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Carnival Express: A South America Adventure by the Raven Brothers

Carnival Express
by Chris Raven & Simon Raven

Overland travel writers, Chris Raven and Simon Raven, embark on a new comedy adventure that leads them to the wild and colourful continent of South America. From bull's testicles in Buenos Aires to bums and boobs on the beaches of Brazil, the Raven brothers put their dream plans into action and traverse the Trans-oceanic highway from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coast of South America.

Pioneering a new frontier over the Andes and through the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, the bizarre and the beautiful cross their dusty path as they seek inspiration for a new book and go in search of the ultimate carnival. Not always getting it right, Simon and Chris tango through the Argentinean vineyards, cycle to the Moon in Chile, lose themselves in the mysterious world of the Inca Empire, swim with caiman in the Madre de Dios, experience panic in the Pantanal, The Rolling Stones in Rio and conclude their journey in Olinda at the carnival of the soul. Simon and Chris have been noted by Lonely Planet for their talent to portray an “accurate view of what to expect”.

Carnival Express: A South America Adventure.
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About the Authors

Chris Raven (L) Simon Raven (R)
Simon Raven and Chris Raven were born in the United Kingdom. ‘Carnival Express’ is the third book in the ‘Ravens on the Road’ travel trilogy, and follows the brothers on a mission to traverse the Trans-oceanic highway from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast of South America. A career in overland adventure travel was launched when Simon and Chris drove across Siberia from the UK to Vladivostok at the dawn of a new millennium. Becoming established as travel writers with the publication of ‘Living the Linger’ (2005) and ‘Driving the Trans-Siberian’ (2006), the travelling duo have since co-written their forth book ‘Black Sea Circuit’ (2015). In addition to their work as published authors, the Raven brothers are known for their off the beaten track photojournalism, documenting destinations across the globe including, China’s deep south, tribal India and the Balkan peninsula.

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