Friday, 23 June 2017

Hong Kong - Macau (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet

Download the Lonely Planet Hong Kong - Macau (PDF Chapter)

Hong Kong - Macau (PDF Chapter)

Many visitors automatically equate ‘Macau’ with ‘gambling’, but the historic Macau Peninsula is far more about history than blackjack. The nearby islands of Taipa, Cotai and Coloane are more like one big island these days, thanks to land reclamation.

Macau Peninsula is the city’s busy core, with dense working neighbourhoods, charming colonial buildings (and, yes, some casinos too – mostly the smaller, older ones). Taipa Village boasts dining and shopping while Cotai has the biggest casinos on earth and Coloane offers beachy getaways and long Portuguese lunches.

Coverage includes: Macau Peninsula, Taipa, Coloane and Cotai.

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