Monday, 12 March 2018

Taiwan - Yushan National Park & Western Taiwan (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet

Download the Lonely Planet Taiwan - Yushan National Park & Western Taiwan (PDF Chapter)

Taiwan - Yushan National Park & Western Taiwan (PDF Chapter)

The Matsu Pilgrimage, one of the country’s biggest and holiest celebrations, is definitely a highlight. This nine-day parade across half of Taiwan is an extravaganza of feasting, prostrating, praying and great acts of generosity.

enjoy Taichung’s excellent museums, stroll in lovely parks and party at hidden dives

seek the spiritual at the legendary Matsu Pilgrimage procession, which starts in Dajia

explore Chiayi’s historic temples and the traditional shops in their vicinity, don’t forget to sample the local treats

Coverage includes: Yushan National Park, Dongpu, Taichung, Dasyueshan Forest Recreation Area, Alishan National Scenic Area, Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Fenqihu, Rueili, Chiayi, Changhua, Lukang, Nantou County, Checheng, Cingjing, Hehuanshan Forest Recreation Area, Jiji, Ershui, Puli, Sitou & Shanlinhsi and Sun Moon Lake.

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