Thursday, 28 September 2017

Seattle - Georgetown & West Seattle (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Seattle - Georgetown & West Seattle (PDF Chapter)

Seattle - Georgetown & West Seattle (PDF Chapter)

Located 3 miles south of Seattle proper, Georgetown is an old neighborhood with a scrappy yet independent artistic sensibility whose coolness has still only been partially discovered. Among a certain type of Seattleite, West Seattle beckons like a proverbial Coney Island.

- see how Homo sapiens got from the Wright Brothers to Concorde in the space of just 66 years at the illustrious, entertaining and subtly educational Museum of Flight

- slow down the rhythm a notch on a weekend summer’s afternoon on Alki Beach

- go on a pub crawl in Georgetown amid the redbrick bars and beer-stained history of the bohemian enclave

Coverage includes: Sights, Eating, Drinking & Nightlife, Shopping and Sports & Activities.