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Shanghai - Day Trips from Shanghai Lonely Planet travel guide (PDF Chapter)

Download the Shanghai - Day Trips from Shanghai Lonely Planet travel guide (PDF Chapter)

Shanghai - Day Trips from Shanghai (PDF Chapter)

Want to escape the city? This chapter includes the very best excursions from Shanghai and they can each be completed in a day. Must-sees include Hángzhōu and Sūzhōu.

- Hángzhōu’s gorgeous and placid West Lake sits comfortably among China’s top sights

- China’s best-known water town, Sūzhōu is a rewarding bundle of classical gardens, canals, bridges, silk, temples and fab museums

- Tónglǐ is one of Jiāngsū’s best-looking water towns, with a racy museum dedicated to China’s erotic culture

- Zhūjiājiǎo is a quaint canal-side town within Shànghǎi municipality, dotted with temples, ancient bridges and pinched lanes

- Zhōuzhuāng’s lovely traditional architecture, charming back alleys and bridges make this small

- Jiāngsū town an eye-catching diversion

- Shěshān’s divine views and an imposing hilltop Catholic church, are accessible on the metro from

- Shànghǎi city centre

Coverage includes: Hángzhōu, Sūzhōu, Tónglǐ, Zhūjiājiǎo, Zhōuzhuāng, Shěshān.

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