Thursday, 28 September 2017

Taiwan - Taiwan's Islands (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Taiwan - Taiwan's Islands (PDF Chapter)

Taiwan - Taiwan's Islands (PDF Chapter)

Taiwan’s outlying islands have yet to give in to mass tourism. There’s plenty to discover off the grid, from unspoiled golden-sand beaches to secluded mountain trails and coves where you’ll see more wildlife than other travellers.

- be swept away by the stark beauty of the islets of its latest national park, Taiwan’s Ninth National Park

- meet the blue algae lights that inspired a scene in Ang Lee’s Life of Pi on Matsu

- feast on all manner of marine exotica, and have a taste of the old seafaring way of life on Lanyu

Coverage includes: Kinmen, Kincheng & Around, Little Kinmen, Matsu, Beigan, Nangan, Penghu Islands, Makung, Around Penghu Islands, Outer Islands, Lanyu and Green Island.