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4 FREE Goa (India) Lonely Planet Top Itineraries

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Top Itineraries:
1. Northern Beaches (2 Weeks)
2. Goa in a Nutshell (4 Weeks)
3. Southern Sun (2 Weeks)
4. Back-Country Trips (5 Days)

Best Goa (India) travel itineraries | Where to go in Goa (India)

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Goa & Mumbai Lonely Planet travel guide - 7th edition 

Goa may be small but its legend is large on India’s traveller scene. With its unique blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, sun, sea, sand and spirituality, Goa offers a sensual experience unmatched in India.

Coverage includes: Planning chapters, Mumbai (Bombay), Panaji & Central Goa, North Goa, South Goa, Understand and Survival guide chapters.

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