Thursday, 8 March 2018

Top 10 Cheapest Honeymoon Destinations (Lonely Planet)

Getting married is notoriously expensive. And then there's the honeymoon! With the average wedding in the USA costing around US$35,000, the opportunity to also enjoy the adventure of a lifetime may seem impossible. With many couples considering the possibility of starting a family after marriage, this may also be your last chance to explore the world without the difficulty and cost of traveling with young children. But fear not! The world is very large, and there are some exciting and beautiful destinations that you may not have considered that won't necessarily break the bank. Check out the Lonely Planet top 10 budget honeymoon destinations below and make your dream vacation together a reality!

Palolem beach, Goa (India). Photo by Simon Raven
Top 10 Cheapest Honeymoon Destinations

1. Morocco - Lonely Planet (PDF)

2. India - Lonely Planet (PDF)

3. Vietnam - Lonely Planet (PDF)

4. Portugal - Lonely Planet (PDF)

5. Indonesia - Lonely Planet (PDF)

6. Honduras - Lonely Planet (PDF)

7. Cambodia - Lonely Planet (PDF)

8. Bulgaria - Lonely Planet (PDF)

9. South Africa - Lonely Planet (PDF)

10. Puerto Rico - Lonely Planet (PDF)

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