Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Time to diet! Sicily Food Festival

The food festival in Sicily is an annual event that runs throughout the month of September. In Bronte in the province of Catania, taste pistachio in all its forms and dine at markets and outdoor festivals across the island. ETG tip: Be sure to save space for the gelato...

Download the ebook version of Lonely Planet's Sicily - Palermo (PDF Chapter)

Sicily - Palermo (PDF Chapter)

Flamboyant, guarded, feisty yet staunchly aristocratic, Palermo is a seething mass of contradictions. Enter a church full of Byzantine mosaics, wander along a street of stately baroque palaces or eavesdrop on banter between market stall owners and bargain-hunting housewives here.

- bask in Palermo’s heady multi­cultural past amid Byzantine mosaics and Arabic marble-work at Cappella Palatina

- demand an encore at Teatro Massimo, one of Europe’s opera house belles

- dive into a gut-rumbling torrent of buxom produce at Mercato di Ballarò, and take in the heady aromas and hollering market vendors

Coverage includes: Palermo, Historic Palermo, Albergheria & Capo, Vucciria & La Kalsa, New City, Baroque Cathedrals, Palermo Region, Mondello, Monreale, Corleone and Ustica.

You can pick and choose from complete guides and individual chapters, and download them to any device you like.

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