Thursday, 14 March 2019

Korea - Around Seoul (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet

Download the Lonely Planet Korea - Around Seoul (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet

Korea - Around Seoul (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet

The well-trodden mountain trails of Bukhansan National Park may be only a subway ride away from the city, but they are a world away in atmosphere. Further north, the long-depopulated Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), is the region’s grimly voyeuristic tourist drawcard.

- peek into North Korea for a bizarre terror-meets-tourism experience on a trip to the DMZ

- uncover Korea’s concession-era past with a stroll through Chinatown and the Old Port area in Incheon

- march along the World Heritage–listed fortress walls in Gyeonggi-do’s capital city, Suwon

Coverage includes: Gyeonggi-do, DMZ, Suwon, Everland Resort, Dong-gureung, Namhansanseong Provincial Park, Icheon, Seoul Grand Park, Incheon Metropolitan City, Incheon, Muuido, Deokjeokdo, Ganghwado.

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