Monday, 4 November 2019

Literary Asia: Trips for book-lovers

Insight Guides, the premium tailor-made trips provider and travel guide publisher, is inspiring literary tours to Asia. The travel experts at Insight Guides have paired books set in Asia with bookable trips in order to encourage literature-inspired travel to the continent.

Our favourite works of literature transport us to wondrous and far-flung places, and Insight Guides wants to help people travel to the destinations that influenced the work of acclaimed authors. Insight Guides is encouraging travellers to visit the destinations that influenced and informed the lives of celebrated writers and inspired the stories of their greatest novels.

Insight Guides trips are created by travel experts who live in their destinations and create trip itineraries that include cultural excursions and activities. The local experts use their specialist knowledge of their area to create unique trips that can be customised by the traveller. The team of expert editors have created tours to Asia perfect for literary-lovers and book-enthusiasts.

Insight Guides Trips Co-ordinator, says,

“People travel for all sorts of reasons, and one reason is to experience the places that they read about in their favourite books. Not many people think of Asia as a literary destination, but we think that doing a literary tour around a destination is one of the best ways to experience it. This is why we have created a number of different trips to help people do just that.”

Here is the Insight Guides list of books showcasing the experience of literary Asia with a trip to match:

Trip to India: Magical Kerala
Book: The God of Small Things

Author: Arundhati Roy

Trip: Experience the reflective pace of life beyond the mainstream that the novel evokes, amid the intense greens of tropical backwaters on Insight Guides’ Magical Kerala trip

Trip to Vietnam: Culinary Discovery
Book: The Beauty of Humanity Movement

Author: Camilla Gibb

Trip: Explore Hanoi’s streets and cuisine, and experience the culture of the nation for yourself on Insight Guides’ Vietnam Culinary Discovery trip.

Trip to China: Mountain Soul
Book: Soul Mountain

Author: Gao Xingjian

Trip: Take your own journey of discovery into the heart of modern China on Insight Guides’ Complete China: Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai trip.

Trip to Sri Lanka: In the Family
Book: Running in the Family

Author: Michael Ondaatje

Trip: Experience the heat, landscapes and wildlife of Sri Lanka, as well as ancient monuments, beaches, and highlights of the capital Colombo, on Insight Guides’ Unforgettable Sri Lanka trip.

Trip to Thailand: Idyllic Beaches
Book: The Beach

Author: Alex Garland

Trip: As Maya Bay's coral and marine life are restored to their full glory, visit other idyllic Thai beaches that inspired Alex Garland, on Insight Guides' Krabi Discovery trip.

Trip to Indonesia: Island Home
Book: A House in Bali

Author: Colin McPhee

Trip: Discover Bali’s culture and spirituality, explore temple complexes and learn the philosophies of Balinese Hinduism, all as part of an unforgettable journey on Insight Guides’ Indonesia Island Hop trip

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