Monday, 15 April 2019

REVIEW: Wild Things by Lonely Planet

Have you ever wanted to find fairies in the garden, meet a unicorn, ride a dragon or share a picnic with a mermaid? Just because you’ve never seen these magical creatures doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

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The Wild Things of stories and the imagination are everywhere, but they’re shy, secretive, sometimes camouflaged and only reveal themselves to true believers.

This fantastical guidebook will help you track dragons, create fairy fashions, brew magic potions, build snow unicorns, discover trolls and go on night hunts to capture moon magic. Search forests, meadows, fields, ponds, rivers and the seaside, as well as everyday places like school playgrounds, local parks or among the pots on the patio.

You can discover the mysteries of nature all year round and at any time of day or night. So switch your imagination on, use your senses, brush up on your magic skills and take a giant leap into the world of the Wild Things.

Activities include:

- Tracking dragons

- Creating fairy fashions

- Brewing magic potions

- Building snow unicorns

- Discovering trolls

- Capturing moon magic

- Creating secret messages

- Making a magical spellbook

- Looking after the natural world

- Designing a witches’ costume

- Creating your own broomstick

- Making wild mini worlds

- Bringing tree monsters to life

- Leaving trails of monster prints

Curator: Lonely Planet Kids

Writers: Fiona Danks, Jo Schofield

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